Manufacturing Process

Pavilion batteries ultilise the most advanced technology for new SMF batteries. all batteries manufactured go through an 8 step processing line:


1. Lead Oxide Plant

- Barton type PENOX lead powder machine

- Produces reliable quality of lead oxides


2. Strip Cast

- Sovema (ITALY)

- Over 90% raw strip rolling lead

- Equalized quality production


3. Strip Punching

- Wirtz(USA)

- High technical machine

- Produces complete designed grids

- Full framed grid design protects active materials & improves service life


4. Pasting

- Advanced  version of Wirtz mixing machine

- Steel Belt Paster & Drum Paster

- Increases the stability of plate quality

- Produces optimal quality of plates


5. Curing

- Advanced conveyor moving technology (Glascock)

- Complete plate quality by conveyor moving

- Optimal particle sizes for starting power & service life


6. Assembly Line

- Dual inspection system after COS & cell welding

- Reliable welding properties


7. Charging

- High performance by charging efficiently and step charging


8. Finish

- Terminal polishing

- Automatic washing & drying process

- Reliable inspection by high rate discharge for all sizes


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