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At Pavilion Batteries we pride ourselves on quality and our batteries are testament to this. All our batteries have to pass 4 quality controlled inspections at the manufacturing process. This way we can ensure that all our customers obtain the same great quality product. We have a vast range of batteries capble of powering everything from wheelchairs to high end sports cars.

We take cusomer feedback seriously. That is why we have developed our range of batteries to suit all your needs. Our base battery is upto the task of almost job, providing reliable power with a 2 year guarantee.

Our Elite Battery range uses only the best manufacturing processess and materials, from the Lead oxide plant to the charging and finish we ensure quality and most importantly performance! 


Inci Aku offer batteries for Starter and Industrial applications. Starter batteries include stop-start applications, cars and light commercial vehicles, trucks, military vehicles and Marine RV. Industrial batteries include Traction, Stationary and VRLA AGM.

Inci Aku's priority is to provide uninterruptible energy for both their Starter and Industrial applications. Since 1984 the company continues to grow specializing in energy storage and bringing in different perspectives to its sector. Inci Aku keeps providing problem-free use to the companies by producing long-lasting batteries. Inci Battery stays close to their consumers at all times with its well experienced after-sales support service. Inci Battery is the global brand of Turkey's most innovative and market leading sector and it is being positioned as “the energy provider of future technologies”. With its powerful R&D team and innovative point of view, Inci Battery improves itself continiuosly to meet the requirements of future technology. Inci Battery products are long-lasting, durable and provide savings with their long service life, while also providing the power needed.


Optima Batteries offer three levels of batteries aimed to suit your specific application.

Redtop batteries are high perfromance AGM batteries providing the ultimate starting battery, deisgned todeliver a strong burst of ignition power for reliable start-ups always. The batteries are virtually spill proof and are maintence free. Providing high-power delivery and extreme resisitance to the most common causes of battery failures.

Yellowtop batteries are one of the few high perfromance AGM batteries that offer true dual-purpose. With premium cranking power and impressive cycling capabilities, this heavy duty battery is ideally suited for modern accessory-load vehicles. Low internal resistances provide more consistent powerr outputs and faster recharges.

Bluetop batteries are high performance AGM batteries with exceptional running time and allow more recharges than you'd get out of a traditional battery. Aswell as outstanding vibration protection, the Bluetop's efficient power delivery and faster recharge time means you'll spend less time worrying about your battery. Ideal for boat or RV applications where sure-starting, strong cranking and maintenance-free power sources are needed.


Varta provide three levels in their range automotive batteries.

Varta's mid-range level is the Varta Blue Dynamic, this specification matches OEM in performance and is provided with a 2 year warranty*, batteries within this range are the most popular.

The elite range is known as the Varta Silver Dynamic, these batteries exceed the OEM specification and provide class leading performance. These batteries come with a 3 year warranty*. 

Varta is the confident choice for many world leading manufacturers providing products that always deliver. Varta Silver Dynamic AGM and Blue Dynamic EFB batteries meet the power needs of many stop-start applications and high-performance vehicles.

*(please note that warranties do vary on spec and application, if in any doubt please contact us to advise)


Leoch have been producing batteries of the highest quality for a number of years and exports all over the globe. Leoch enterprise consists of three production factories located in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Anhui in China and a further two in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Mianly producing AGM, Start and Motive Power types, inclusing AGM VRLA battery, Gel battery, UPS High rate batteries, Marine batteries, Start-Stop batteries, OPzV, OPzS, PzS tubular plate batteries, automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, golf cart batteries and electric vehicle batteries. 

Leoch batteries feature: maintenance free, no water addig required, sealed valve regulated, spill proof and leak proof.

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